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ITQ Plus (PVT) Ltd. is an innovative IT service provider dedicated to developing unique software solutions, mobile apps, and technology solutions that drive business improvement and enhance brand presence. Our comprehensive range of products and services includes software development, 24/7 software maintenance, software quality assurance (QA), managed services, IOT integration, and much more.

Bring Innovation

At ITQ Plus (Pvt) Ltd., we have a skilled and varied team of tech pioneers. Our goal is to collaborate with a range of companies, offering them solutions that can streamline their operations, expand their reach, and enhance their customer experience.

Latest Technology

ITQPlus specializes in delivering advanced software and hardware solutions.

Highly skilled team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who excel in the latest technology trends.

Customized technology

We offer personalized solutions that are specifically designed to meet our client's unique requirements.

Smart Queue

Smart Queue

Our Smart Queue is an online appointment solution that helps brands increase their sales by providing a smart app that enables customers to schedule and organize their tasks in advance.

Branding tools - Digital signs

Digital signs are essential branding tools in today’s tech-savvy consumer market. With shoppers becoming increasingly sophisticated, businesses need effective communication methods to engage customers and boost sales.

One of the key advantages of digital signage is its ability to facilitate direct communication between businesses and customers. By using interactive features, these signs create a gateway for businesses to engage with shoppers while they are inside the store. The results speak for themselves: according to Independent Retailer, businesses that use digital signage witness a significant increase of almost 32% in their overall sales volume.

Uplift the brand value
stand out from the crowd
Digital Signs

Provide unique experience to your customers

Most Affordable Solutions
Friendly Price Package

We are very focused to provide the best price package and payment terms.

Most Affordable Solutions

Our focus is on providing solutions that offer long-lasting results. We strive for cost-effective options that deliver great benefits to businesses. By leveraging technology, we assist in reducing costs for our clients, ensuring that their one-time investment brings lifelong advantages to their business.

Cost effective solutions
Long term benefits